3 Easy Ways to Awe Buyers from the Driveway

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We’re often told, first impressions matter, and things aren’t any different when it comes to the process of purchasing a home. It only takes a few minutes, from the time buyer looks up the house online or drives by that you can really excite them about what’s inside. Besides regular lawn and garden care, there are a few ways to make your house, their house, and it all begins with the first impression.



Give It a Fresh Coat: Nothing says brand new like a fresh coat of paint. Overtime, after multiple use things like doors and steps can wear, but a little paint will help make them the focal point buyers will remember and any budget can handle. 

Replace Old Fixtures and Hardware: Turn heads from the get-go by replacing dusty lighting fixtures and tired door handles. These are only two of the many little things you can do to emphasis a beautiful door and entrance buyers will remember.

Add a Splash of Colour: Excite the unexcitable by hanging some flower baskets; it’s the easiest way to make a bold statement that’ll catch buyers attention. If you’re okay with getting your hands a little dirty, Daisy’s and Marigolds are some of the best types of flowers to plant in summer. There’s no denying they give off a pleasant aroma too!

Summertime is the best time to make the most of your home’s curb appeal and it doesn’t have to break the bank. In addition to the flowers blooming and the grass getting greener, there are a few ways to sell buyers on your home from the minute they lay eyes on it! Make the most of what you have and start investing in your property on the next warm day.